Need help coming up with best word, the correct grammatical structure, or the proper mythological figure? Well, we want to help you succeed in your writing! The links below are excellent resources for authors who need assistance with their form and content.

Grammar and Style

Free Writing and Reading Materials

Poetry and Song

Educational and Writing Assistance Programs

  • Circus Ponies – A fantastic (Mac-only) writing and organization program
  • Evernote –  A free, versatile online organization system that can synch between multiple devices such as laptops and even smart phones
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Storybook – A scene-writing organization program
  • Teachigo – “a completely free service for both students and tutors, where students will able to locate the nearest tutor to them who matches their requirements”
  • Online PhD Program– for academically minded readers, this website provides databases and research helps for those writing their theses or dissertations
  • yWriter – A writing organization program

Historical and Mythological Sites

Science and Technology

Other Sites We Recommend