M4034S-4211Stephen Parish, the blog editor of Lantern Hollow Press, has lived in a world of fairies, elves, and dragons all his life. It all started when he watched Disney’s Peter Pan daily in his single-digit ages. However, his venture into the literary world started after he read the first four Harry Potter books. Since then, he has tried to translate his own magical worlds onto the printed word, but such attempts have come slowly. Lantern Hollow Press marks Stephen’s first successful attempt at publishing fiction with Encountering Otherworlds and Coming of Age: A Collection of Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Stephen is the main editor of the book and contributed one short story, “The Red Cap,” to the collection. He has recently had his poem “Vampire” published in the All Hallows Eve edition of Gallery of Worlds. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of Stephen’s work in future publications–if the doldrums ever leave him alone!


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