Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson (a.k.a. historygypsy) is Lantern Hollow’s injury and mishap expert, and noted lover of footnotes and grammar. From an early age, Stephanie loved to write.  She dictated and illustrated her first story, The Germ Book, at the age of four.  Fortunately, all copies have been lost.  At the age of eight, Stephanie discovered history and happily spent the next eighteen years of her life trying to educate unwilling victims.  In her spare time, she managed to get more odd injuries and ailments than most people have ever even read about.  A year after finishing her bachelor’s degree in history, Stephanie decided to round out her expertise in odd ailments by adding some Asian experiences, so she went to Korea for a year to teach the language of imperialism to eager young children.

After an exciting year abroad, Stephanie returned to the United States with a cute new dog and an amoeba who had happily built himself a pagoda inside of her.  Stephanie stayed in the country long enough to earn her master’s degree in history, but then the old wanderlust overtook her again.  She now lives in China, where she teaches (and joyously tortures) high school students, hoping to turn them all into historians.  In her spare time, she studies Chinese and longs for the day when she can carry on a lengthy conversation with any taxi driver in Qingdao.

Stephanie is also the author of the upcoming novel Sidhe Eyes.

For an excerpt of Stephanie’s work in progress, click the image below!

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