Melissa Rogers is Lantern Hollow’s resident dragon expert and author of the upcoming novel The Holder WarsWhen Melissa was seven, her creativity found an outlet in piano lessons and forging colorful carousels and armies of turtles out of scrap paper during class. She had always loved reading, but it wasn’t until high school that she truly began to sneak glances into the world of story writing. An English teacher assigned a project: write the first chapter and a summary of a novel. Her first fantasy world, though horrifically cliché and blessedly short-lived, did serve the purpose of showing her a new favorite means of creative expression. Becoming an English major in college was an easy decision, and a Master’s degree in English made perfect sense afterward.

What she loves most are stories about the fantastic. Her stories reflect her preferences for dry humor and unconventional heroes; light fare with happy endings. Melissa is currently pursuing another graduate degree in the gratifyingly Celtic setting of Edinburgh, Scotland. On that topic she says, “There are few better locations to begin my search for dragons.”

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