Kami Melton (a.k.a. K.R. Melton) is a contributor, assistant marketing coordinator, and in-house “make things pretty” specialist. As a child, Kami dreamed of being an astronaut, so she majored in Music with a concentration in Composition.  She’s a little clueless sometimes.  But Kami makes up for it with her crazy-awesome baking skills, passable computer art/graphic design abilities, and odd facial expressions, all of which she sometimes exercises simultaneously to everyone’s peril.

Kami tutors homeschoolers in writing methods, English grammar, and music.  She writes music and fiction, plays several instruments, and has been known to relate academic subjects to real life situations.  Oh, and by the way, she can diagram any sentence you care to throw her way.  Kami and her husband, Brian, started the writers’ group that spawned Lantern Hollow Press.

For excerpts of some of Kami’s works in progress, click the images below!