Erik Marsh (a.k.a. erikthereddest) has always told stories- just not always on paper. From the adventures of a flyswatter-wielding clown in his elementary school creative writing assignments, to the wars of the Lego empire of Mollia played out dramatically on his bedroom floor, he grew up creating worlds in his head.

Only when he went to University did he come across a group of writers who made him realize how much he hated what he was doing (Engineering and Math) and how much he wanted to go into English (probably a third of the potential salary). He would say the decision was a growing experience; his friends would say it was a matter of preserving his sanity. He is now building his working knowledge and experience of writing, and finally putting to paper the stories that have been swirling around his mind for years.

Until he has accomplished that, he’s busy at work running stuff behind the scenes here at the Lantern Hollow Press blog (including building this page…). Erik has published his short story Flight of the Herald in the February 2011 issue of the Lantern Hollow Press e-Zine.

*No excerpts yet, sorry! And for the record, “erikthereddest” is just a dorky reference to Erik the Red. No, I do not have red hair (see image above).