David Mitchel

David Mitchel loves to read. And, since those who inhale must also exhale, he is therefore a writer perforce. In his earliest reading his obsession was dinosaurs; thus, his earliest books (written and illustrated) were about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were his beat until he discovered, at age ten, books written by a fellow named Tolkien; and then Rings and dragons and Black Riders and Hobbits and Elves and Dwarves and Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms became his beat. Tolkien was David’s tutor for about eight years, until, at age eighteen, he entered the school of C. S. Lewis – from which he still hasn’t graduated.

When David grew up (we use the term loosely – he was born an old professor and the years haven’t changed him much), he decided first to study law (J.D., Washington and Lee University, 2002), then to practice it. He is now a small town lawyer with a delightfully eclectic small town caseload. When he isn’t practicing law, you can often find David onstage (in Appomattox) or brandishing a stringed instrument. He is grateful for the hospitality he has received from the fine people and writers of Lantern Hollow.

  1. Mr. Mitchel,

    As you might know, March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day, sponsored by the Tolkien Society. To celebrate, my blogging partner and I decided to hold a small Tolkien Reading Event during the week of March 25 at our blog Pages Unbound. I’ve been reading your posts on The Children of Húrin and was wondering if you would like to contribute a guest post to the event. If so, we would like to receive all reviews by March 17 so we have time to schedule them for the event. We are also accepting links to any old posts pertaining to Tolkien that you may already have on your blog, and we will link to them in a post at the end of the event. Thank you very much for your consideration. If you prefer to correspond by e-mail, you can contact us at pagesunboundblog@live.com. We look forward to hearing back from you!

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