Dr. Brian Melton was brought up to love the written word by his mother, who read book after book to him as a young child.  When he was in third grade, he began his career as a published author when the local newspaper printed his Thanksgiving poem.  Since then, he has managed to graduate from college and a doctoral history program, publishing a plethora of articles and a scholarly book or two along the way.

When he is not saving students from historical misconceptions, practicing kendo, or writing, Brian enjoys rousing armies of underlings to form publishing companies.  Not bad for a guy with a name meaning “middle farm”. Brian has several short stories in our e-zines, as well as an exciting novel, Waverly Hall:  Relois. Now available in our store!

Brian has also started another blog, Passing Through the Shadowlands: Blogging through the life of C.S. Lewis. If you’re a fan of Lewis and his work, be sure to check it out!

For a free preview of Brian’s book, Waverly Hall: Relois, click the image below!

Available now in our store!