About LHP: An Authors’ Consortium

With the rumored demise of traditional publishers and loathe to move to a true self publishing model (with all the implications for vanity-pressdom), in 2010 a band of brothers/sisters decided to try something different:  coming together and sharing their burdens and talents through an authors’ consortium.  The goal was (and is) to hold each other to the standards demanded by traditional publishers in terms of quality, but at the same time to share the weight of the publication process.  The result is (hopefully) something new.  We offer each other the chance for peer review, outside editing and design services, and help with marketing while allowing the author to keep the lion’s share of the royalties for his/her project.  Perhaps most importantly, we encourage each other to further creativity through friendship–something very few traditional publishers can offer and no self-publisher can do by him/herself!

World domination is now only a matter of time…if we can ever get the learning curve down!

The purpose of Lantern Hollow Press is to foster a renaissance of Christian culture through the publication of quality creative writing and art and work in the disciplines that support and help us appreciate them.  We seek to become a go-to place for outstanding resources in these areas, especially for the home-school and classical Christian education movements.

We intend to amplify the standards of published literature through the propagation and discovery of quality written material which appeals to a broad market. We will do this by supporting new artists and authors, bringing fresh, vital talent into the field of literature.

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