Wordsworth wrote an endless poem in blank verse on” the growth of a poet’s mind.”  I shall attempt a more modest feat for a more distracted age: a blog, “Things which a Lifetime of Trying to Be a Poet has Taught Me.”

Language, even the most unsophisticated and banal, is an ongoing miracle.  I have explained why in detail elsewhere (Mere Humanity: G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien on the Human Condition, Nashville: Broadman, 2006, p. 112f.).  Here I simply celebrate it, in Old English Alliterative Meter.


COMMENTARY, GEN. 2:19, # 2

Then Man, the wielder of words, awoke,

Saw the sunlight slanting down,

Saw the ground-fog swelling upward,

Heard the light laughter of leaves,

Climbed the mountains, mist0enshrouded,

Felt the wind, wet with rain,

Saw the stabbing stars in darkness,

Watched the antics of wild creatures,

Heard within his head the sounds,

Pulled them forth, in patterns ordered,

Uttered into air around him

Liquid Names: in lilting language

Spoke the mighty spell of speech.


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Theologian, philosopher, poet, and critic; minister of the Gospel who makes his living by teaching medieval and renaissance literature; dual citizen of Narnia and Middle Earth.

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