Friday Night Movie Marathons

I have a love hate relationship with movie marathons.  I love getting a group together and watching ALL THE THINGS!  But I hate how I feel for the days afterwards, the stress of hearing all my friends analyse my favorite movies until I almost don’t like them (friends or the movies) any more, and of course the quoting – always with the quoting.  I am guilty on all accounts! The more I think about it the more I realize that Movie Marathons are perhaps a problem, one that perhaps take a toll on friendships and even the films I love.  But it hasn’t stopped me

That is part of the fun – the quoting – the analysis – getting completely absorbed in the world that you forget reality…at least for a little while.  So here is a list of marathon worthy movies/TV shows for brave and daring!

1. Star Wars


I personally really only enjoy the originals.  It could be that I am partial to Harrison Ford or that I just found the love story between Anakin and Padme a little ridiculous (and when I say ridiculous, I mean unbelievably painful to watch).  Yes, I know that in the book the story was much more believable and so much less painful, but the movie versions are not my favorite. But don’t let my opinion offend you if you really like the prequels, go and enjoy them, make them part of your movie marathon. But as for me, I’ll watch the originals, marvel at the ingenuity of the cinematography, and laugh at all the cheesy lines excellently executed.

2. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

About every year to two years since the extended editions came out I have gathered my friends together and we do an all day/night marathon for these fantastic films.  Yes, the books are better, but what Jackson did was incredible. And let’s face it, we all enjoyed them.

3. Super Hero Marathon – Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Avengers


Take your pick, really but I personally love the idea of watching the origin stories of these superheroes and working my way to the Avengers. I loved the Avengers.  It was a brilliant film with witty dialogue, epic action, and glorious purpose!

4. Firefly


As the memes will say…10 hours and 58 minutes of bliss, a lifetime of withdrawal. And don’t for get the movie Serenity.  “Burn the land and boil the sea but you can’t take the sky from me.”


Jeremy Brett

To be honest there are many versions to choose from.  I have my favorites.  I grow up on Jeremy Brett as Sherlock.  He was brilliant.  But there are the newer version that are just as amazing.  Robert Downy Jr.’s interpretation at first was a little alarming, but once I realized that his Sherlock was designed as an action film and not so much a mystery, I discovered how much I loved his films. And I cannot forget Benedict Cumberpatch’s Sherlock, which is spectacular!  Take your pick you won’t be disappointed.

So grab some popcorn, some pillows and enjoy your next movie marathon!


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There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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