Movie Night: Childhood Favorites

As I was thinking about classic movies and movies that i loved as a child and continue to love as an adult, I came across several movies that were not the best movies ever, they’re graphics are dated and their storylines not as clever as some.  But they are movies that have stuck with me.  These are the movies that formed an impression on my mind and helped develop my imagination.

The following movies are recommended in the light of the fact that they are entertaining, enjoyable, and imaginative.  Some of them are the sort of movie you just shake your head at and smile, others cult classics (which you shake your head at and grin like an idiot because you get it) and others you may have never heard of.  Either way, sit back and enjoy…Movie Night Childhood favorites…

1. Flight of the Navigator (1986)


A delightful, if not cheesy, 80’s film about a boy how get abducted by an alien and then deposited back home ten years in the future.  I loved this movie!  It was perhaps the first scifi film I saw, unless you count sneaky down stairs to watch snip-its of Star Wars when I was supposed to be in bed. Anyway, as a bonus (or not) a young Sarah Jessica Parker makes an appearance sporting the best of 80’s fashion!

2. The Swiss Family Robinson (1960)


This is the old school Swiss Family, not the new one from the 90s, which I wanted to watch but was disappointed because the old one was better.  Anyway, this was one of those movies we taped off the tv and watched it over and over and over again until the tape didn’t work right anymore. I was fascinated by Francis and his ability to get all the animals to like him.  And of course the race with ostrich was indeed a highlight of my childhood.  Every time I saw an ostrich I wanted to ride it.  Also, it was one of the highlights of going to Disney World, I got to walk through the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house!

3. Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)


Two orphans (brother and sister) have strange abilities – they can communicate with their minds and make thing move by playing music.A rich and powerful man wants to use the kids for his gain and profit,  I was fascinated by the superhero like powers of these kids and their desire to “do good.”  I recently re-watched this film and I still found the concept delightful and the cat Winky was a nice addition to the adventures.  There have been several remakes, one of which features Dwayne Johnson, the Rock. But the original has a certain appeal, even if it’s a little cheesy and obvious.

4. The Secret Garden (1987)

Secret Garden

This Hallmark Hall of Fame Production is the best version of the Secret Garden I have ever seen and since I was obsessed with the story I watched several versions.  If my initial enthusiasm doesn’t persuade you to go and watch it perhaps these next facts will.  The Secret Garden was filmed on location at Highclere Castle.  Don’t recognize the name?  Downton Abbey was/is filmed at Highclere Castle.  The famed British and Shakespearean actor Derek Jacobi stars as Archibald Craven and Colin Firth plays the older and very handsome Colin Craven at the end of the film.  Now I have one you over to this version of the Secret Garden.

5. Labyrinth (1986)


Jim Henson’s delightful film about a girl who must save her stolen baby brother from the Goblin King. There are so many reasons that this is a cult classic, but mainly it’s because of the genius, charm, and villainy of David Bowie in his role as the Goblin King.  My mom read me the story of Princess and the Goblin by George McDonald and I was quiet smitten by the story. So when I saw Labyrinth I was in love with the film before I knew what had happened.


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There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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  1. I haven’t seen #3, but I heartily agree with the others! The only one I grew up with is “Swiss Family Robinson,” but like you I watched our taped-from-TV version so many times that by now it’s probably unwatchable. But a few years ago I picked it up on DVD, to be sure I could share it with my nephews and niece, and eventually with kids of my own. It’s such a great adventure film! My childhood daydreams were filled with treehouses and pirates (also influenced by Peter Pan).

    “Navigator” and “Labyrinth” I’ve only seen in recent years, but I liked them both. Would have loved them especially as a kid.

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