He Is Risen! He Is Risen, Indeed!

Easter last year, my pastor greeted the congregation with “He is risen!” The congregation responded, “He is risen, indeed!”

I stood mesmerized at the greeting and response. “What did we just say?” I asked a friend who stood next to me.

“It’s a traditional Protestant Easter greeting,” he said.

“Wow! I never heard of it before! I love it!”

Such is another element of Reformed Protestant history and tradition that I was never taught going up. Since attending my current church, I have learned that responses like these enforce our faith and community. Last evening, I attended an Easter vigil with a friend and heard John Chrysostom’s Easter Homily. Part of the homily included a line that really spoke to me: “Hell took a body, and discovered God.” Thus, the immortal Son of God became mortal, lived a sinless life, died on the cross to atone for our sins, and rose again! We have life because he lives, and we know this because it is taught in Scripture and enforced in our liturgies. Verbal affirmation mirrors the genuine faith in our hearts and encourages us to search and meditate further on that faith we have received.

So, Happy Easter for he is risen! He is risen, indeed!


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