In the Beginning: Devotional Posts Coming Soon!

Greetings bloggers!

My name is Stephen Parish, the new blog editor for Lantern Hollow Press. My duties include organizing and scheduling the content for the blog, and we hope that my new responsibilities will enhance the quality of the blog. I’m excited for this opportunity to share my love for writing and literature with other people of like-minded interests, and I look forward to interacting with other writers as we explore art and creativity.

As my first post as an author and editor, I wanted to let you know that, due to popular demand, our Sunday devotional posts will return next Sunday. As a Christian writer, I have always found it fascinating that the God of the heaven used words to create the universe. God spoke, and he saw that it was good: aesthetically and morally perfect and true to his own character. John’s Gospel tells us that the Word of God, the Divine Logos, Jesus Christ, also participated in the creation of the world. Thus, the Creator of the universe sent his Son, also the Creator of the universe, to redeem mankind, his fallen, rebellious creation, to himself, to set a people apart for his own. Thus, it is my joy as a Christian author to reflect the image of my Creator as a sub-creator of worlds and stories and to share in God’s redemption of the world as I proclaim the gospel of Christ, the greatest–and truest–story of all time.

So, every Sunday, we will hear from other authors at Lantern Hollow Press as they share their thoughts and insights on the relationship between God, the Christian, and art, starting next week!.


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  1. Welcome, Stephen! I appreciate this blog a lot and look forward to what you’ll bring to it.

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