Win Your Favorite DVDs

Looking for a chance to put your writing abilities to the test? To hone your skills and compete for glory, accolades and perhaps the occasional DVD set?

Well, you don’t have to look any further. Lantern Hollow Press is offering a great way to get your work out there. Our Quarterly Writing Contest!

This quarter’s writing contest revolves around this…

12-14-2012 9-24-41 AM

Curious about it? So are we! Give us your best shot describing what this item is, means, or a story behind it. In fact, no matter what spark this picture gives you, run with it.

Submit it to us here at before 1/11/13.  We’ll post the entries on the blog  and let you decide the winner.

Why do you want to the winner?  The winner gets the complete DVD collection of Monty  Python’s Flying Circus. The runner-up will get a DVD collection of Mr.Bean.

So get those entries in! We’ll post the real story (and believe us, it’s a doozy) behind this image in the e-Zine.


About Jaime McCall

Jaime McCall is a Knowledge Base writer who develops blog posts, help articles, and product documentation for Constant Contact.

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  1. What a great inspiration! Definitely got my own wires sparked with a potential story. I was curious, though, if there are any guidelines for word count, or is it open-ended?

    • There isn’t any guidelines for a word count at this point. Obviously, if you’ve got a novel in mind – that might be a touch too big.
      Well, at least for this contest!
      But other than that – just go wild.

  2. “Go wild”? Well, okay, I just did! I’ve got a thousand-word short story that just finished itself today, and while I interpreted what I saw in the picture rather broadly, and according to my tastes, I think I have something kinda neat to send you. Once I can sleep on it and proofread, of course. +) Thanks for the inspiration! I haven’t done very much creative writing this year, to my shame and discomfort, and I’m thankful for even a little thing like this to wake me up again to the joys of subcreation. Blogging is all fine and good, but I feel more a storyteller at heart.

    • Woot! We can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with. And of course, sleeping on it and going back for one more re-read is absolutely understandable 🙂

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