Mirrors, dwarfs, Snow White and Huntsmans

I always find it interesting when two movies come out at roughly the same time from different companies, about the roughly the same thing.  We saw this with The Illusionist and The Prestige.  Two movies about magic, the art of illusion, love and obsession.  Each movie was well done and showed a different aspect of the themes.

This year we have Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman.Two movies whose sole purpose is to retell the tale of Snow White.

  • One makes fun of itself and revels in the contradictions, cliches, and type castes.
  • One is serious and tells a darker tale of death and beauty.
  • One has a Snow White, who is charming and sweet and using skills she practiced and keen eyes, she defeats a spell that holds her father captive.
  • One has a Snow White, who doesn’t have much charm as an adult, just a will to survive, and who with no training leads an army to storm a castle (noble, but not very practical)

Maybe its because I like snark and I find that good mockery is some of the best humor.  (Mockery in the sense that a person recognizes the ridiculous nature of themselves or their situation and can laugh at it)  But  I found myself enjoying the ridiculousness and the snark of Mirror, Mirror more than I thought I would the second time watching it.  The dwarfs are smart and witty.  Snow is cute and shy but not stupid.  She is a quick learner.  The Prince is charming, witty, and at the right time awkward and disarming.

Mirror, Mirror is not all fun and games.  It has the depravity of a Queen obsessed with youth and beauty and power; however, even in those dark moments the evil character is ironic or sarcastic.  Thus, she makes the dark moments seem less dark.

Maybe I just demand too much from my movies, but I prefer if you are going to make something serious don’t make it unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong, Snow White and the Huntsman had some really great moments.  The Queen was brilliantly evil and crazy. The overall story was alright.  However, at times it felt like they forced themselves to put elements from the fairy tale into the story, like the scene with the apple in the woods.  The queen’s ability to manifest in the woods and take on any character she chose was pretty cool.  But why didn’t she finish the deed?  She had the time, but instead she panicked, which doesn’t make sense to me. If you are going to take the story seriously, be consistent, true, and follow through.

But the most unbelievable part of Snow White and the Huntsman was not the little things in the plot that didn’t seem to add up, it is Snow White.  I had a conversation with a friend about why I didn’t like Snow White and the Huntsman,  I gave my lame, “there were plot holes” response but she countered them with, “Really? I couldn’t stand Kristen Stewart as Snow White.”  I stopped my tirade about the inconsistencies in the plot.  That was it.  I really don’t like to blame not liking a movie just because so-and-so was in it.  But I have to say Stewart is not Snow White.  Maybe I am prejudice to my type-caste of how Snow should look and act but I could not see Snow White, that pure innocent girl, in Stewart.  She did not embody the heart of Snow White.  She came off weak and confused when she needed to be showing off her inner strength.  I will say her speech in the courtyard rallying the troops into battle was a good speech, but it did not jive with the rest of her character up to that point in the movie.  My favorite part is how with no training or knowledge Snow White miraculously knows how to use a sword and lead an army.   Now this has nothing to do with Stewart, this was a writing/directing problem…but still.  I suppose I just wanted more acting and character out of my Snow White.  And to top it all off, you cannot pit Charlize Theron against Kristen Stewart and say that Stewart is the fairest.  It doesn’t work. Theron is a better, more mature, and lovelier actress on so many levels.   

Happy movie watching!


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There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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  1. The one possible redeeming value to “Huntsman” IMO was the fact that you could not in any way shape or form view Snow White as physically fairer than the queen, which forces you to look for inner beauty instead. If that was intentional, it was brilliant. But I have to agree, Rachel, that Stewart did not fully pull it off. It would have been a huge achievement if she had.

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