Win a Cool Prize! (No, Seriously!)

You know when you’re happily Googling away and you click on a page and suddenly a pop-up appears with a smiley-face and a seizure-inducing message that reads:


*Just make sure you buy $10,000 worth of our merchandise and give us your first-born and sacrifice a puppy and it’s ALL YOURS!

You know those pop-ups? The ones that make you lose faith in humanity and the concept of free prizes in general? Well, it just so happens that we at Lantern Hollow Press are actually offering a chance to win a prize. Yes, we are. And it’s a cool prize. What’s not fair is that I can’t win this prize because I’m part of the company (according to Kami in her post here, anyway). Maybe I’ll just resort to one of those billionth-trillionth visitor prizes because that’s the best I can get…

But you have an actual chance to win a Kindle Fire. One of those nifty reading devices that pretends to be a real book and also has colors and is awesome. What’s the catch?

Well, we don’t want $10,000 dollars from you.

No, wait, wait, wait, we do, but we don’t require it. We don’t want your first born either. You can keep the little darling. We’re just that generous.

(And please don’t sacrifice a puppy. That’s just evil.)

All we want is for you to keep in touch with us via email. Sign up for our email list and you get a chance to win the prize. It’s that simple. The emails will be very intermittent and will let you know when we’re releasing new e-zines and books and coupons and such. No spamming and if you do find us too annoying, you can always abandon us. If you’re that kind of person.

So anyway, to recap:

  • Sign up for our email list here:

email list signup

  • Get a chance to win a Kindle Fire (because I can’t get it so you might as well)
  • Even if you don’t win the Kindle Fire, you might win one of our awesome Swag Bags full of Lantern Hollow Stuff! (Check Kami’s post here for more details!)
  • Keep up to date on Lantern Hollow Press new releases and other spiffy stuff

This is your chance to win a cool prize so take advantage of it.  Because I can’t.


About Melissa

generally in love with things Celtic, mythological, fantastic, sharp and pointy, cute and fuzzy, intellectual, snarky, cheerful, or some combination thereof. Such things as sarcastic bunnies wielding claymores might come to mind...

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