Ode to Another Misadventure

Stephanie Thompson, who was supposed to blog today, couldn’t make it because she’s spent the day in a hospital somewhere in Asia.  She broke her hand.  (Click here for more about Stephanie’s misadventures.)

Please get well soon, Stephanie.

Ode to Another Misadventure

Too late we found
Miss Thompson drowned
In misery and pain severe;

She broke her hand
In far-off land:
Stuff happens, we don’t find it queer.

Now clinic-bound,
Miss Thompson’s found,
But absent from the blogosphere.


About Kami Melton

Book Addict. Composer. Author. Graphic Designer. Practicer of Temperamental Musical Instruments. Blackbelt. McGyver-er. Hiker. Traveler. Snowball Flinger Extraordinaire. I'm a God-lovin', husband lovin', homeschoolin' mom. Currently working as a cover designer for Lantern Hollow Press.

Posted on May 14, 2012, in Lantern Hollow Press Authors. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Aww, poor Stephanie. I hope she gets better soon! Though reading about her amazing array of mishaps is somewhat amusing.

  2. Poor Miss Thompson! May the mischievous gods be kind to her for a little while, until her hand recovers at least. (I can just see Hera chuckling as she plans yet one more tribulation for her!)

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