Taking a Walk and Trespassing on Faerie: Further in!

Last week, I advised everyone to take a walk, take some pictures, and then eat cake.  I think that’s about as sound as advice gets for cultivating inspiration and giving you a reason to write.

Well, I’m a firm believer in practicing what I teach, so this past Saturday, I went for a jaunt myself.  And, to my intense delight, I stepped into exactly the fantastic world of imagination I had hoped to discover.

Who's to say this might not be my way in?

I am forever searching for Narnia (and dragons, of coursealways dragons), and in my own way, I have found it in bits and pieces and teasing hints as I explore the landscape of Scotland.  Lamp posts glow gloomily in the mist.  Lions built into the architecture watch me as I pass by on the street.  A castle ruin whispers of kings and queens of old…

I have a rule.  If you see a locked door in an old garden wall, give it a quick push.  It just might open for you.  If the sun is setting and you are standing at a crossroads… wait a moment, hold your breath, hope…

You’d think I would be eternally disappointed since I have yet to wander into a wood and meet a faun (though I did meet James McAvoy the other day…no, I seriously did!).  However, when I take a walk and bring my camera, I am transported to a fantasy realm (maybe Narnia, maybe somewhere else) and for those few hours, I am captivated.  I think that’s part of why Anne of Green Gables is one of my heroes.  She does it so very well!

Let me take you on my Saturday walk and show you what I mean.

Walking along the road, I happen to notice an old house on an empty street...

A lantern hangs in the door, and I get a strange sense of expectancy...

I thought that I had just turned a corner, but maybe not. I'm somewhere else. Where have I gone? Does it matter?

Wandering an empty forest, I can't get over how green it is. The wintry weather has stripped the trees of their leaves... but not every tree.

A chill wind blows through the grass, but there's no denying it: Aslan is on the move!

Trespassing into a strange part of the forest... the trees don't seem quite so friendly here... Whose side are they on?

Spotted: a dragon sunning itself on a rooftop! Not as uncommon as you'd think around here...

It isn't safe here! Further in! Further in!

A secret path through the woods...

Snowdrops! Protection against magic, you know. This could be useful...

Is that the old house again? Is it really time to go already?

Leaving for now, but I know I can return. Once... always...

It might seem a little silly to take these pictures and pretend to be somewhere magical, but if you think about that sense you get from a truly wonderful book – a book that takes you to a faraway place and you don’t come back until you reach the final page – that’s the feeling that I search for when I take a walk with my camera and let my imagination go a little crazy.

You might be thinking to yourself that I have it easy: I mean, there’s a castle next door and old, beautiful buildings all around me.  I freely admit that this is an ideal place to get lost in Faerie, but I am quite sure that it’s possible anywhere.  Isn’t that how Faerie works?

Don’t you have a crossroads in your town?  Isn’t there a gate you haven’t bothered to try opening?  Is there a spot of garden, some dark old trees, a house where no one seems to live?  Don’t tell me there isn’t!  Go find it.


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  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I so Loved following your footsteps!
    amazing….I felt your fun
    Thank you….
    I will have to do this LOls

    Take care…

  2. rainbow picture is the best!

  3. Brilliant idea! Wonderful walk. Listen to the squirrel! Really enjoyed this piece, I like doing the same on my walks back from work (well, when I could walk back from work a house or two ago) but it’s a good time to start now that Aslan is indeed thawing out the paths and gardens again.

    Only potential flaw in the ‘push the garden gate’ bit – beware of gigantic guard dogs? Grin. Of course, you might also fall into Arcturus, so anything’s worth a go.

    Personally, I like meeting unfamiliar cats when I go walking, especially the ones that ‘escort’ you for a bit. ^_^

    • Yes, do watch out for the dogs. Guardians of the Otherworld, perhaps?

      And if you can manage to have a cat escort you part of the way, you are in serious luck! They can be very choosy about whom they accompany.

  4. What a magical walk! Thank you for sharing! I like the squirrel picture…not as rare as a dragon but so cute!

  5. Greatly enjoyed this post! I don’t think it’s silly at all. We are only limited by our imaginations and if we allow our imaginations to wrok for us . . . well you just never know!

  6. I felt at such peace while walking in your footsteps. It truly is a magical thing, and I can’t wait to take my own walk in my own town and discover the magical kingdom that lies here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Lovely post. I must say, you live in a really beautiful area. I think I will follow your advice and take a walk around the neighbourhood soon. The photos you took are amazing, I especially like the one with the rainbow!

  8. straightforwords

    It’s superb! I used to do this before I moved to another country, and you have reminded me of this – thank you! This is going to be my plan for the upcoming weekend 🙂

  9. Your pictures are so amazing. I love all ❤
    Thank you so much for this post.

  10. Very inspirational. 🙂

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