What I think I do…what I actually do

Somewhere in the midst of life and trials…I think I messed up.  All the knowledge that I have gained from reading and studying literature, has not prepared me to deal with the reality of life. There is always the notion of what our friends think, our parents think, our church or school or government thinks, there is how we think and then there is the reality of it all….

It is so true: perception and perspective is everything.

But what if our perspective is wrong?  What if reality is not the dream that we think it should be. I have a master’s in English, yet the job that pays my bills is an entry level position with no hope of an up-grade.  What I really want to do–write–will never amount to anything because my “real” job takes up so much time that very little is left for anything else, even the important things.


What my friends think I do

Really I just drink coffee and write profound things in my journal until magically it's a best selling book! Really!?

What my mom thinks I do

It's just meaningless drivel and you sleep all the time! Get a real job...

What society thinks I do

It's all glamorous, hot guys, parties...and yeah...that book you wrote on every shelf! Yeah, best seller! Everyone loves your book.... If only.

What publishing companies think I do

You just sit with other authors...feeding off of each others brilliance and wa-la best-seller!

What I think I do

Today, I am going to sit in my favorite coffee shop and drink excellent coffee, my muse will come to me, and I will write neatly and clearly the most wonderful story every written...yup...I am going to do this every day and within a year I should have a best-seller sitting in the hands of a publisher

What I actually do

Sit in the dark and stare mindlessly into the blankness of the paper or screen that is before me...my muse never showed up today..."It was a dark and stormy night" is a terrible beginning but the best thing I can come up with...I am such a failure...


About LizzyBeth

There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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  1. As an artist, I can relate x_X.

  2. So well-put…

  3. Well done, Rachel. You wrote at least one good thing!

  4. Plan A: Immediately write million dollar best selling novel that will redefine culture, be made into a (GOOD) movie, and inspire a hilarious amount of incredibly bad fanfiction. Also, own a castle and many ponies.

    Plan B: Become a college professor and teach others to love English and possibly become writers (who will thank me in their books) while dabbling in writing myself and hopefully producing the aforementioned book while securing a livable income in the meantime. Also, own a castle and many ponies.

    Plan C: Own a cupcake bakery/bookshop in which writers retreat to create their own incredible literary works (which I would then display in my bookshop) while I serve them delicious treats to feed their cantankerous muses. Work on my own book while cupcakes are baking. Also, own a castle and many ponies.

    We do what we can and learn to be happy with whichever plan works out.

    • Haha…I really actually love plan C. It makes me happy. I think you and I should do plan C. We just need that sizable, disposable income to get plan C going. So…do you have any rich relatives we could…you know…endear ourselves to? I think marrying wealthy is sort of out of the picture for both of us 😛

    • I’ve talked to Kami before about doing something similar. Sort of an Inklings that just stays open six days a week.

      And Annora will volunteer to be your stable hand. Seriously! She’s been taking riding lessons and apparently has some definite talent in that area.

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