Funny English-gubbertushed

So you are sitting there thinking…gubbertushed, that cannot be a real word.

I am with you…it sounds ridiculous but yet amazingly fun to say.

Gubbertushed. (hehehe)

Gub’ber”tushed…(yup…still just as funny)

Ok, enough with the mockery of this word.  What does it mean?! (Well, I thought you’d never ask)

Gubbertushed “having projecting teeth” – William Whitney’s Century Dictionary, 1889 [related to] gubbed, “rough, misshapen; Hampshire” – Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary, 1896-1905*

So what do we do with this funny new to us word?  Well, I’d like to think of a few practical applications.

1) use gubbertushed randomly and uselessly just to watch people’s reactions!

2) realize that gubbertushed has no real application in everyday modern English and forget the word entirely (please don’t do that … it is such a funny word gubbertushed…heehee)

3) It is a good description word for describing people/characters who have buckteeth or rather misshapened teeth.  Now that you have such a fun new/old word to articulate said teeth…use it in a practical way…in your writing.  (His gubbertushed smile gave him a rather ridiculous expression, which no one could take seriously.)  See useful!
4) or you could just make gubbertushed a new sort of expletive. (Oh, gubbertushed!  I left my keys in the car!) Useful…but not pertaining to protruding teeth…

Happy writing!

*Words and Definitions from Jeffery Kacirk’s Forgotten English, 2011.


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  1. We should start a formal organization to bring words like this back into common use.

    • Indeed! Though I do worry that a generation of texting youth who can barely handle the limited vocabulary they have now might become, well, gubbertushed if we try to introduce them to a whole series of new words!

    • That sounds fabulous! I just don’t want to be the one in charge of it! (haha)
      But I think that is why I love things like Jeffrey Kacirk’s “Forgotten English”
      I do hope to share more forgotten words…

  2. I had a writing club once that would vote on an Archaic Word Of the Month to be included somewhere in that particular round of short stories. It was great fun.
    Thanks for “gubbertushed”! I’m adding it to my menagerie – I mean, vocabulary.

  3. I think “gubbertushed” is perfect to describe a tooth-protruding face. But I notice that spellcheck & don’t recognize it. Are you sure it’s a word? Here are some of my other favorite funny words:

    • Gubbertushed is a forgotten English word, so it would not be in our modern dictionaries or registered in spell check but it is a word 🙂 Thanks for the link to some more funny words.

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