Where Lamp Posts Grow Like Trees

A growing fondness for photography has made traveling something of a balancing act of appreciation and exploration.  If I spend all my time looking through a camera lens, I miss actually seeing things and enjoying them where they are.  But at the same time, holding a camera makes me want to discover beauty that I might not have appreciated in the same way if I was just looking with my eyes.

Green Park, London

One such object that I have begun to photograph wherever I see it is the lamp post.  Maybe I have just been in the wrong parts of America, but I am quite sure that I have never seen so many lamp posts as I have found since I came to the UK.  First in Edinburgh and then in London, I kept spotting not just your average lamp post, but beautiful, uniquely crafted columns supporting their glowing lanterns.  There is something special about these lamp posts.  Or at least my camera seemed to think so…

Maybe the reason I keep finding myself looking for the lamp posts is because they make me think of that unforgettable lamp post from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Magician’s Nephew.  The mystery and wonder of it that we see through the eyes of Lucy and the strange, creative magic that caused its creation attach incredible wonder to an object that should be incredibly mundane.

Next to King's Chapel, Cambridge...

Why a lamp post, Lewis?  Why not a statue or a tree made out of iron or some other object that might have been just as recognizable and memorable?   Why a lamp post?

Having had the privilege to walk the streets of London and of Cambridge a couple weeks ago, as well as those in Edinburgh where I’m studying, I can now understand why Lewis might have chosen a lamp post.  They are everywhere in a variety of sizes and styles, standing alone or attached to the sides of buildings, contrasting cold iron with warm light, harsh metal with curving lines.  It’s hard not to think of lamp posts, really.

Hyde Park, London...

And now that Lewis has made them even more significant in my mind (and I’m sure others’ thoughts as well), every time I see a lamp post, I want to capture it and contemplate it.  They make for stunning photography, especially at night.

There is one in particular that I am fond of, a simple one standing in the middle of a lonely courtyard.  Whenever I see it, I can’t help hoping to see a faun with an umbrella entering one of the houses just around the corner.

Outside the Writer's Museum, Edinburgh...


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  1. “. . . holding a camera makes me want to discover beauty that I might not have appreciated in the same way if I was just looking with my eyes.” Yes, a camera is a good eye that way.

    Terrific lamppost shots.

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