Black Friday: Red Riding Hood

If you have been following anything that I have written or just glanced at something I posted on this blog, you will know that I love fairytales.  I love to read about them, watch movies about them, and critique them. What I don’t like are bad revisions of good fairytales, particularly bad revisions that make it to the silver screen…

My turkey is RED RIDING HOOD by Catherine Hardwicke (director of Twilight)

RED RIDING HOOD went to the dogs… (bad pun, for a bad movie)

Because this pose is provocative and has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

Those silly Twi’hards have ruined vampires and now they are out to ruin what remained of the werewolf lore by twisting a beloved fairytale into a teen-bopper Twilight wanna be.

Ok, I shouldn’t be too hard on the film.  RED RIDING HOOD, was actually not that ground breaking with its romantic tension between girl and wolf or potential wolf-boy.  In fact Angela Carter in the 70’s took care of that bit of “tension” in her short-story “In the Company of Wolves.”  If you haven’t read it, I would NOT recommend it for any reason other than for trying to understand how the feminist fairytale revisionist have perverted and sexualized literature in an attempt to subvert and indoctrinate the minds of young people.  I think that statement sums up everything you need to know about “In the Company of Wolves.” (which was also made into a movie, but I haven’t seen it and really don’t care to). But I think the Twilight craze has taken it a step farther than Angela Carter.  Whereas Carter was making a political point and knowingly had an agenda, RED RIDING HOOD would make no claim like that.  It would say something like “It’s just a love story” or “This is what sells…this is what the people want… people like the forbidden love story stuff.”

Just a love story?  Really?  Romeo and Juliet was just a love story…and see how it ended?    But Romeo and Juliet was more then that…if you look closely you will realize that Shakespeare was not taking himself nor the plot seriously.  He, in a very subtle way, was making fun of the romantic tragedy.  Just like Twilight, RED RIDING HOOD takes itself seriously.  It takes the “just a love story about the ultimate forbidden love” to the next level of serious.  Every relationship in RED is full of angst and mystery.  It is as if no one is capable of having a normal, healthy relationship or interaction with anyone.  The love triangle (because we all know that it cannot be a real love-story today without a love triangle – thank you Twi’hards!) is overflowing with the absurdity of its own importance and dire constraints. Everyone in the town becomes obsessed with Valerie’s love-life because we all know that her affairs are indeed the pinnacle of the society, even if she is only a lowly girl of humble birth and there are werewolves terrorizing the town…and a psychotic priest

Ok…I will say this, the only redeeming factor of the entire movie was that I was actually slightly surprised at who the wolf actually was.  (No, I won’t reveal it be if you do see the movie, I don’t want to ruin the only good thing it has going for itself)  But really, if you can think of anything that you have to do, like that root canal you have been putting off or cleaning the attic or editing Wikipedia, you are better of doing those things than watching this movie.

Seriously, I want those two hours of my life back…


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There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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  1. “if you look closely you will realize that Shakespeare was not taking himself nor the plot seriously. He, in a very subtle way, was making fun of the romantic tragedy.”
    FINALLY!! Yes! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have someone else acknowledge this. In the context Shakespere’s other works I sturggle to qualify Romeo and Juliet’s relationship as much more than a farce.

    As you don’t know me I must qualify here that I’m not a pretenious twat, but yes, I am aware that using phrases such as “In the context of Shakespere’s other works” belies to the contrary lol

    great post

  2. Important question that may or may not decide my ever seeing this movie: Did the werewolves…. SPARKLE????


    As soon as I saw who directed the movie, I knew I wasn’t going to see it. I’m glad I dodged that bullet. Unfortunately, I have to see pictures of Breaking Dawn Part 1 (because they must extend the torture over two movies) plastered across the sides of buses here in Scotland. It makes me weep. And want to stab out the eyes of those responsible, but I’m trying to be the better person.

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