Be wary of the tapping on your windows

I am not a fan of the dark and scary.  I have an overactive imagination and I can scare myself better than anyone else I know.  As a child laying awake at night, staring up into the darkness, I could see the dancing shadows, feel the trees creeping and my heart would race.   I quickly realized I could have two responses: imagine the worst or imagine something different.

I choose to imagine the something different.

I had been told stories about faeries and otherworlds…I chose to see the gaps in the darkness; not as scary things of this world, but the good things of the other worlds.  The flitting shadows became naiads and fauns dancing in the moonlight.  The trees were creeping because they were being shepherded by the Ents or coming alive because they were actually dryads.  The tapping on my windows was nothing more than faerie’s invitation and the scratching on the walls became the brownies racing the mice along the floor boards.  Such fantasies let me sleep at night when my over active imagination wanted to take me places I really did not want to go.

But what about the “worst things”?  What if there really were monsters in the closets and things tapping on your windows trying to get in? What about those things that make no noise?

Artwork and Quote from "Silence" By Melissa Rogers; Illustrations Jill Johnson

Like I said I don’t do scary, but I must say sometimes a story comes around that talks about the things that tap, the voices on the wind and, even the things that “make no noise at all.”  Though most decidedly scary, that is the sort of story you want to read:  Where the things under the bed are actually there but there are real ways to defeat them…silver in your shoes and iron in your pocket.  These are stories that show how the dark dancing shadows can be overcome…if only  you have a cricket bat.

Since Halloween is coming and it is the time of year in which we like to talk about the things that go bump in the night, I’d like to recommend a very good creepy little story told with just a little snark: “Silence” by Melissa Rogers in the All Hallow’s Eve Edition of Gallery Of Worlds.  Check it out (for free) in our store this Sunday!


About LizzyBeth

There is a Story inside of me that I must give a voice. I write so that imagination can take me to Faerie and I can catch a glimpse of the Otherworld and hopefully so will you.

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  1. Well, I do hope that it comes across as scary. If you know my stories, you know that I stick very firmly to upbeat, cheery, snarky humor with very little darkness or solemnity. This story is out of my comfort zone. It even creeped me out a bit when I was writing it! Glad to bestow some shivers upon you, Rachel, at this lovely Samhuinn time of year.

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