The Epic Struggles of Stephanie Thompson: Stephanie versus the Internet!

Why, yes, I am looking through Facebook for goofy pics of Steph. Why do you ask?

Since our HistoryGypsy is taking a month off from the blog, we thought that we might fill her absent posts with stories about Stephanie herself.  It’s our way of letting Steph know that she’s missed and appreciated, letting you get to know her better, and embarassing her so thoroughly that she’ll never give up her blogging day again.  >:)

Stephanie stories?  The only question I suppose is, “Which one?”  Most of us at LHP have several, at least.  I know I had no idea what I was getting into when Steph–who I had heard of from many people in advance–came walking into my HIST 500 graduate seminar, already significantly injured more than once that day.  I could tell you about the time she gave herself a black eye changing a lightbulb.  I could recount the time she injured herself on the grave of Calamity Jane.  No, instead I think I’ll mention the adventure of foot.

Not long after our blog got started, Stephanie hit on the idea for a brilliant post:  a discussion of the use of footnotes in fiction.  It was filled with witty banter about how she was such a hard core historian that she even footnoted completely imaginary stories.  On a whim, she wrote, “I love footnotes!” on her foot and took a picture.  To our happy surprise, Steph’s post was chosen for the “Freshly Pressed” section of the WordPress main page!  The site hits began pouring in at a rate none of us could imagine!

The offending photograph.

Unfortunately for Steph, so did the comments from the foot fetish people.  They lauded her tootsies with some of the most…interesting…prose.  One infamous example came from a certain “Evil Bert,” who remarked something to the effect, “Yummy toes for me to nibble!  Nom nom nom!”

Stephanie was righteously disgusted–the thought that this might be a possible outcome to her sudden photographic impulse had never occurred to her. She had to spend a portion of the next few months tracking down her picture on websites of a less than savory nature and then threatening webmasters with bodily harm if they didn’t delete it post haste.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t so quick on the draw with the comments in the site itself, and the rest of us got to see them, particularly Evil Bert’s.  For months afterward, we had the power and ability to send Steph into bouts of almost hysterical cringing with a few, well placed “nom, nom, noms.”  Ah!  Hours of free entertainment!

Stephanie herself explained what happened here, in this post, if you want her version of the story.  🙂

Next Week:  “Rules to follow when Stephanie is around” in suessian verse, by Kami….


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I am a history professor and author living with my family in the Virginia Mountains. It's hard to improve on a life like this!

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  1. Ah yes, Stephanie stories! She can always make us smile just by being herself. ^_^

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