Meddling With Dragons

So, I was thinking about dragons today.  Yesterday too, in fact.  Actually, dragons are quite often on my mind.  I’ve done a few posts on dragons already.  This post is really just a bit of fun in which I give a few of my favorite dragon quotes and you can do the same.

The other day, I came across C.S. Lewis’ quote: “I desired dragons with a profound desire.”  I can relate to that.  Every time I read a book or watch a movie with a dragon, I want to be there.  I want to see them for real.

The first was Dragonheart.  No one does a dragon’s voice quite like Sean Connery.  That was pretty much how I imagined dragons ought to sound.  Of course, the premise is that they’re dying out, so I didn’t really appreciate that. Here’s my fond memory from Dragonheart:

Draco: Who’s the girl?

Bowen: A nuisance! Get rid of her!

Draco: Why?

Bowen: They’re trying to placate you with a sacrifice!

Draco: Oh, now whoever gave them that bright idea?

Bowen: Never mind! Just get rid of her!

Draco: How?

Bowen: Eat her!

Draco: Oh, please. YUCK!

Bowen: Aren’t we squeamish; you ate Sir Egglemore, hypocrite!

Draco: I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed.


I also remember being very excited that a dragon showed up in Narnia.  Not as excited as Reepicheep, of course:

King Caspian: “A dragon has just flown over the treetops and lighted on the beach.  Yes, I am afraid it is between us and the ship.  And arrows are no use against dragons.  And they’re not at all afraid of fire.”

Reepicheep: “With your Majesty’s leave—“

King Caspian: “No, Reepicheep, you are not to attempt a single combat with it.”

Being a dragon in Narnia was not a good thing, unfortunately.  But it did change Eustace for the better, so I call that a win.


I wish that I could follow those old European maps that read “Here be Dragons”.  That’s the place on the map that I’d head straight for.  Now, I know you’re just waiting for me to quote that famous old bit:


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

I actually have a bumper sticker that reads:

Noli immiscere te draconum rebus nam fragilis es dentibus et cum garo bene sapis.

Same thing, only with “fish sauce” since the Romans didn’t have ketchup.

What I need is a t-shirt that reads: “Frequently meddles in the affairs of dragons.”  I’m meddlesome.  What can I say?

And finally, Tolkien had plenty to say about dragons, especially in The Hobbit.  Here’s one:

It never does to leave a live Dragon out of the equation.

Believe me, I never would if I could just find a live dragon.  It would figure very largely in any future equations.  I just have to hunt down that dragon.  Perhaps a year in Scotland will do the trick.

So, does anyone else have an awesome dragon quote?  Lewis and Tolkien have plenty more.  Other authors out there have things to say.  What have you found that made you wish you could find one of those discreetly hidden dragons out there?

This is a sketch I did of a dragon from fellow LHP member Stephanie's story "Sidhe Eyes"


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  1. Another from C. S. Lewis. He used this poem to illustrate Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Meter in modern English:

    We were talking of dragons, Tolkien and I,
    In a Berkshire bar. The big workman
    Who had sat silent and sucked his pipe
    All evening long looked up then.
    “I seen ’em myself,” he said fiercely.

  2. My favorite info about dragons is that the scientists at Institute for Creation Research cite reports of sightings of large fierce creatures in dark remote swampy jungle areas of Africa. They believe that dragons are the same as disnosaurs that did NOT die out, and that there seem to still be some alive!

    • I have seen that, as well as several other articles of the kind- one I read was wondering aloud how dragons could breathe fire, then explained the fire-spewing mechanism of a bombardier beetle and theorized that dragons could employ something similar. I’ve always personally thought that the image and idea of dragons as great fire-breathing and often flying lizards is just so prevalent in ancient mythology that they must have existed in some form or another. I suppose they could still exist- if they were discreet, as Melissa says.

      Hopefully if Melissa finds one in Scotland, it will entertain her offer to become friends instead of just gobbling you up with the aforementioned condiments. I’d recommend a sheep or something to bring along to offer as a snack just in case.

  3. Although I don’t think I really want to go there myself and be eaten with either fish sauce or ketchup!

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