Harry Potter and… “oh, what part do you like best”

Last week I reminisced about when Harry Potter first became the popular young adult read and about those who opposed it.  While the books did create a descent dialog about morals and what we should read or shouldn’t read, such conversations are weighty and often miss a vital part of why people even read Harry Potter – the books are fun!  They are well written with interesting characters and a very well constructed and believable world.

I love getting into conversations with HP enthusiasts (particularly those who have actually read the books).  Inevitably we get into the debate about which book we like best, which character we like best and which villain we like best – you get the idea.  This is the best part of literary criticism, not where the faults and failures are revealed but where the greatest and most genius parts of the story are relished and loved.

The first book will always have a place in my heart because, well it is where it all started, but the Prisoner of Azkaban is by far my favorite. I love the way time is manipulated; I love Professor Lupin and all the marvelous things he teaches the students; I love Buckbeak and I love the semi-happy way in which the story ends.  Harry for once in his life has a family that actually wants him and cares about him.  Granted he cannot actually be with his godfather, but Sirius Black’s very existence is a cheerful hope for a brighter future.  I think out of all the books, including the Epilogue, the Prisoner of Azkaban has the most hopeful of endings.  I know that the threat of Voldemort is even greater but for once Harry’s personal live is not raked with pain and loss.  In Prisoner of Azkaban Harry doesn’t lose as much as he gains.

My favorite character changes with my mood but there are several whose past intrigue me and several whose personalities are rather catching.  Lupin is fascinating.  He is humble, smart, but at times too timid which is interesting since he’s the werewolf. I would have loved to have known more about Sirius’s brother.  He did so much for the cause of defeating Voldemort and yet Rowling tells us so little about him.  Every one talks about Snape being a favorite and though I like him in an emo sort of way, I cannot say that I would classify hims as an absolute favorite.  I actually really enjoyed book four because of the introduction of the international schools.  I really liked Krum and would have liked to see more of him in the books.  Fred and George are perhaps my favorite characters.  I know that in real life I was not particularly fond of the guys like them, but in HP they are amazing.  When they make the swamp and Pro. Flitwit cannot bring himself to clean up all of it, well that scene was the most brilliant episode in the books.  And though in the books I never liked the Malfoys, I love Jason Isaacs’s portrayal of Lucius Malfoy.

There I think I covered the basics of most of my HP conversations. But since they are so much fun please let me know what your favorite characters are and which parts of the books (or movies) you like best.


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  1. Not much to say about the last Harry Potter movie except that I enjoyed it, and that I wish other adaptations of even greater works of fantasy literature would stick as close to the book. They would be better for it.

    But I had quite a bit to say about the books when they were completed. My review of the series appears online at the website of Modern Reformation magazine. The URL is:


    I won’t repeat it all here, but fans of the series will hopefully find something of interest there.

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