A Graduate Student’s Prayer

As tomorrow is my thesis defense (prayers and burnt offerings would be greatly appreciated), I have nothing new to offer today.  Instead, I’m sharing a little prayer/poem that I wrote during my second semester of graduate school.  Sadly, this little poem is only partially in jest.  Writing it was cathartic, at least, as poetry often is.

Now I sit me down to write;
Looks like I’ll be up all night.
I’ve got to read this giant book
(Or fake it so that’s how it looks),
And then write a book review,
Pointing out which parts are true.
And so dear Savior, Lord of me,
Help these watering eyes to see
The thesis of this monograph —
Oh, intercede on my behalf!
Make my analysis astute,
Bless me with undeserved repute.
Help me analyze each source —
Oh, God, just let me pass this course!


Graduate school textbooks

Yes, these were all required textbooks - for one semester. You're actually supposed to read them, but I found building a tower to be an excellent use of my time.


About HistoryGypsy

I'm a high school history teacher and author of upcoming novel Sidhe Eyes. I live in gorgeous Qingdao, China, where I spend much of my free time studying the fascinating and frustrating Chinese language, eating odd things, or taking long walks along the Yellow Sea. At "While We're Paused" I have the pleasure of blogging about things that catch my interest: good books, language, history, poetry, writing tips, grammar rants, random humor . . . I don't like to get in a rut! Some of my favorite writers include (and this is by no means an exhaustive list): Dorothy Sayers, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Baroness Orczy, Geoffrey Wawro, John Lynn, Bill Bryson, the Bronte sisters, John Christopher, J.M. Barrie, O. Henry, Roald Dahl, and Robert Graves. I usually find myself reading no less than three books at a time!

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  1. May you defend with sword and buckler firmly girt. Go forth brave Knight and slay dragons in the name of the Textbook Tower!

  2. Well Widdershins said it best..but..you will be fine….sending sacrificial lamb thoughts!

  3. Heehee, I’ve prayed this prayer many a time… though I have not built too many towers out of my books. I could have lived in the castle made from my thesis books, I think… especially since they were all about the Celts and King Arthur.

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