Really? Introductions?

Well, now that I’ve gone and posted on everyone’s introductions I suppose it’s time for me to write mine.  Here’s the thing though, I hate introductions.  I generally try to avoid new people as a rule so this whole introducing myself to the world thing, not really my forte.  Anyway, I guess the first thing to say is why I’m here.  I love writing, I love reading too, been doing it for a while now, but I love writing.  More than that I love stories, worlds outside of our own.  As Terry Brooks said in Sometimes The Magic Works, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘I need a world bigger and broader than this one because the stories I want to tell just don’t fit.’  The stories I want to tell, the kind of stories I love, the ones that delve deep into your soul and draw out everything, good and bad, pure and filthy, easy and hard, just don’t fit in the world we live in.  Every once in a while they can, you watch a movie like ‘Schindler’s List’ , ‘We Were Soldiers’, or ‘Braveheart’ and you get a glimpse of the kind of stories I want to tell.  I don’t want to tell stories about magic and monsters, dragons and heroes.  I want to use magic and monsters, dragons and heroes to tell stories about you and me.  If I have my way my stories will share a description I once read of the movie ‘The Mist’ based on a story by Stephen King.  The reviewer said, again I’m paraphrasing, ‘This wasn’t movie about monsters.  This was a movie about people that just happened to have monsters in it.’  I just hope I succeed.

Anyway, I guess I should actually introduce myself in this introduction post.  I am Kyle L. Smith, I use my middle initial because I want to be a stuck up jerk.  No really I just think it sounds a little better with the L in it, I would use my full middle name, but then nobody would be able to spell it.  I have a BA in Religion as well as a Master of Divinity and I tend to be far too forthright for my own good.  Probably a big part of the reason why I’m still single and working at a dead-end job, but hey, maybe you all will love my writing.  We have this running joke in our group about world conquest, but honestly, and I can’t speak for anyone else here, I don’t really want to conquer the world (obviously) but I do want to change it, hopefully for the better.  I know, lofty goals right, unattainable, ridiculous, blah, blah, blah.  Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I’m on the character blogs too, just like everyone else, you’ll see a few of my people chatting there from time to time.  My favorite will probably be Finnias.  I’ve always gotten along better with the villains, hey, Darth Vader was my childhood hero (‘Remember good guys wear white’ for all you hardcore Star Wars fans who know what I’m talking about, if you don’t just ignore that).  Seshui is mine too and I suppose Hisoka will probably be joining him soon, and then there’s Crugg, I’m not sure if I’ll ever publish anything with Crugg in it.  The reason being he’s more than a character, he’s that little voice in the back of my head that just won’t shut-up.  Really, about ninety-percent of the inane thoughts that run through my mind I attribute to Crugg.  I can write a blog but publishing him, I’m just not sure I’m ready to put that much of myself out there, or that the world is ready for that much of me either.

Lastly, I’m a bit of a  luddite (term for an anti-technology bias with a rich cultural history for you other luddites out there), which is why there are none of those nifty links in this post that you’ll see in the others…unless someone else puts them in but I don’t have a clue how.  I’m pretty much convinced that between shoes and blackberries the end of the world in nigh at hand.  Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell, maybe three.


About noothergods

I hate writing these things. Ok, a little bit about me. I split my time between this world and other worlds so I'm only here about 25% to 50% of the time. Other times my body might be here (or you never know it might not) but I am off somewhere else having strange and usually pretty horrible adventures. I consider myself a scholar of Christian Theology and of Religion in general, I love learning about other people's belief systems. I think that Shinto is fascinating and I'm obsessed with the theology of sin...and with monkeys...I don't know why I'm obsessed with monkeys but I blame Gus...if you know him you'll understand that, if you don't then...well...I blame Gus. Anyway, I'm the one of the blog that needs to be censored the most so if there's anything posted that you find offensive it was probably me. I think that my brain doesn't really work the way it's supposed to but that's an issue for a whole other time. I have two degrees, a B.S. in Religion and an M.Div. in leadership. I enjoy a great many things some of which include writing (gee, what a surprise), martial arts, anything media that has a good story to tell, cooking, discussing/reading/occasionally writing about Christian theology, General theology, religious belief systems, philosophy, etc. I also enjoy reading medieval and previous magical texts and studying the history, practice, and beliefs about magic from around the world. I don't practice magic and if you want to know my personal beliefs on the subject you can email me, however the intersection of magic and religion is a very interesting topic.

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  1. You know, I thought about vandalizing your post by putting in random links to sites about luddites, but then I thought better of it. >:)

    Who knows if we’ll change the world or not, but either way, its our job to try!

  2. Yep, pretty much the way I see it. And that probably would have been hilarious, at least if done well.

  3. I adore technology, even though I don’t always understand it- it has given us the Kindle, which is like a tiny, mobile library for nomads like myself.

    Finnias is very interesting, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the story he’s from…

  4. Really…I thought you were there when I first started that. He’s the survivor from my failed attempt at writing a fantasy western. The fantasy part I think I did decently well…the western part, not so much. Finnias survived the death of the story though and made it into some new ones with only a few changes (such as not being a bad guy who was constrained to work for the good guys and not able to hurt anyone…he is now free to work his havoc on the world).

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